Metal Capillary Columns

Metal Capillary Columns

Metal Capillary Columns 

  • Metal Capillary Columns are best for both Small & Large FCO´s
  • Uniform heat transfer from the Gradient Heaters
  • Easily coiled onto the custom FCO frame
  • Please paste the column P/N and details in the NOTES field during Checkout. We will send a separate Invoice for the Column.
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Metal Capillary Columns

Our favorite choice for a Fast GC System is combining a durable metal capillary column with a Small FCO. Metal capillary columns offer many benefits over fused silica capillary columns, making them worth taking a closer look at. When you purchase a column with a FCO, or FCO System, we are happy to waive the coiling fee. However, when coiling a customer column, we charge an extra fee. Please contact us to help configuring just the right system for you. There are so many choices, sometimes it is better just to talk with someone.

Metal Capillary Column Features

  • Higher Temperatures – Metal columns are stable up to 430 C, but fused silica is limited to 360 C.
  • Inertness – The coating fuses into the metal making the inertness similar to fused silica.
  • Coating efficiency – The theoretical plates are similar for metal and fused silica.
  • Coiling – A Small FCO accepts every column ID. Even a 0.53 mm only has a 10 cm diameter. A 0.53 fused silica would break and needs a Large FCO.
  • Durability – Metal columns are virtually unbreakable and can withstand higher temperature ramping.
  • Connections – The column ends exiting the FCO and injector and detector connections are less brittle and more robust.

Metal Column Phases

A wide variety of polymer phases are available. Click on the link for a listing of the specific ID´s and lengths for each column type.

PLOT phases

Metal Column ID & Lengths

A wide variety of ID´s and column lengths are available

  • Column ID: 0.18, 0.25, 0.28, 0.32, and 0.53 mm
  • Column Lengths: 5, 6, 15, 30, and 60 meter

Click on the link above for a specific column type, or click here for the complete Column Guide. Metal Capillary Column Guide

  • Once selected, please paste the column P/N and details in the NOTES field during Checkout. We will email a separate Invoice for the Column.


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