400-M-050 – Standard Large FCO System

400-M-050 – Standard Large FCO System


400-M-050 – Standard Large FCO System (SLFS) – Large Frame FCO, Control Module, Software

  • Standard Large FCO – “Fluidless” GC Column Oven – A steady-state Temperature Profile is placed on the Analytical Column using a series of Gradient Heaters.
  • Control Module – Controls 2 independent FCO´s.
  • Software – Web interface to input and monitor temperatures and other parameters.
  • An Analytical Column is not included, but can be purchased separately.
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400-M-050 – Standard Large FCO System (SLFS) – Large Frame FCO, Control Module, Software400-M-050 - Standard Large FCO System

The 400-M-050 – Standard Large FCO System is a complete system to upgrade your GC to a Fast GC. The heart of the system is the Standard “Fluidless” Column Oven (FCO). The Large FCO is for all columns, specifically including wide bore fused silica capillary columns and others where coiling tightly causes them to break. The Large FCO is useful for Lab GC´s.

Sharpening Peaks

This device functions by placing a steady state temperature profile directly on the analytical column, using a series of Inlet and Outlet heaters. Injecting the sample into the Inlet half of the Analytical Column sharpens the peaks traveling through the column, due to the negative gradient. Sharpening the peaks comes naturally, because the front of the peak is always a little cooler than the back of the peak. The Outlet half of the column also has a negative gradient profile further sharpening the peaks, before passing to the detector. Analyzing many classes of compounds is easy by adjusting the Inlet and Outlet temperature set-points. Once eliminating the typical heating and cooling cycle, the Standard FCO allows one sample to be analyzed immediately after another.

The Standard FCO only operates when connecting it to the Control Module. Installing the Standard FCO is simple in most GC or GC/MS systems. This is the fastest FCO available with retention time stability equal, or better, than a conventional isothermal GC oven.

Standard Large FCO FeaturesStandard Large FCO

  • Gradient Inlet and Outlet Temperature Profiles
  • Use most Analytical Columns, Capillary to 60m, Packed & Micro-packed
  • Custom Column Frame included with all FCO´s
  • The Analytical Column is not included, but is easily coiled onto the frame in a few short minutes
  • When purchasing a column with the FCO, we will gladly coil it at no extra charge
  • Connector and Cable from FCO to Control Module
  • Ethernet Cable for computer and network interface
  • Standard computer type Power Cable
  • Adjustable FCO Stand fits most GC´s
  • Inlet and Outlet Socks for Injector and Detector connections
  • All Temperature Set-points to 0.1 C
  • Inlet Temperature Set-point to 450 C
  • Outlet Temperature Set-point from Ambient
  • Best for a Narrow Range of Carbon Compounds
  • Useful for Hundreds of Analytical Methods
  • No Temperature Cycling to wait for between runs
  • Always Perfect Retention Times
  • Super-charged analyses – up to 10 times Faster than air bath ovens
  • The Fastest FCO available!

Control ModuleControl Module for large and Small FCO Systems

  • Dimensions (24 x 20 x 7 cm)
  • Control for 1 or 2 FCO´s (Mix and Match: Standard, Extended Run, & Classic)
  • Universal 80-264 VAC (50 or 60 Hz) Input Voltage
  • 800 Watts Total Power Supply
  • Switching Valve Control with Timer for 2D applications
  • Carrier Bypass Valve Control with Timer for 2D applications
  • LED´s show a visual status of all Parameters
  • Ready Output Signal to connect with GC
  • Remote Start Input Signal from the GC to Start a Temperature Ramp
  • Remote Stop Input Signal from the GC to Stop a Temperature Ramp
  • Ethernet Connector
  • Internal USB Connector for service functions
  • No Computer Required during Operation

Control Software

  • Integrated and easy to learn Web Application
  • Automatic or Fixed IP Address for computer connection
  • Set and Monitor all Times & Temperatures for the FCO´s
  • Methods Saved Internally for safety and security
  • Computer can be disconnected during Analyses and the method will run normally

For more information: SLFS Brochure








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