400-M-004 – Classic Small FCO

400-M-004 – Classic Small FCO


400-M-004 – Classic Small Frame Fluidless Column Oven (FCO-CS)

  • FCO-CS – Classic Temperature Programmable “Fluidless” GC Column Oven – The gradient column heaters are temperature programmable from sub-ambient to 450 C for the broadest range of compounds. Integrated cooling device for analyses starting as low as 20 C.
  • A Control Module is not included with this part.
  • An Analytical Column is not included, but can be purchased separately.
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400-M-004 – Classic Small FCO (FCO-CS)

Classic Small FCO

The 400-M-004 Classic Small FCO is a single oven module upgrading your GC to a Fast GC. The Small FCO is for tightly wound columns, including all narrow bore capillary columns, metal capillary, packed and micro-packed columns. The Small FCO is useful in Lab and Portable GC´s.

Temperature Programming Plus

The Classic model combines two powerful technologies; traditional temperature programming and the FCO gradient peak sharpening technology. The entire column is temperature programmable and cooled down between runs with the solid state Chiller. Throughout the entire temperature program the FCO places a slightly negative gradient on the analytical column. The gradient forces the compounds to stay in contact with the liquid phase longer, which sharpens the compound release point from the column. Even the highest resolution columns can benefit from this enhanced FCO technology. The Classic FCO is for all Applications!

The Classic FCO only operates when connecting it to the Control Module. Installing the FCO is simple in most GC or GC/MS systems.

Classic Small FCO Features

  • Gradient Inlet and Outlet Temperature Profiles
  • Use most Analytical Columns, Capillary to 60m, Packed & Micro-packed
  • Custom Column Frame included with all FCO´s
  • The Analytical Column is not included, but is easily coiled onto the frame in a few short minutes
  • When purchasing a column with the FCO, we will gladly coil it at no extra charge
  • Connector and Cable from FCO to Control Module
  • Ethernet Cable for computer and network interface
  • Standard computer type Power Cable
  • Adjustable FCO Stand fits most GC´s
  • Inlet and Outlet Socks for Injector and Detector connections
  • All Temperature Set-points to 0.1 C
  • Outlet Temperature Programming from 20 C
  • Multiple Temperature Ramps
  • Solid State Cooling Device
  • Best for Full Range of Carbon Compounds
  • Useful for many Analytical Method
  • Stable Retention Times
  • Fast GC analyses
  • The FCO for All Applications!

For more information: FCO-CS Brochure


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