400-M-001 – Control Module

400-M-001 – Control Module


400-M-001 – Control Module (CMFS)

  • Controls – 2 independent FCO´s (Standard, Extended Run, or Classic Models)
  • Software – Web interface to input and monitor temperatures and other parameters.
  • This part number does not include a FCO. For a complete system add a Standard, Extended Run, or Classic FCO to your order.
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400-M-001 – Control Module for FCO System (CMFS) – Control Module, Software

The 400-M-001 Control Module is full of memory for storing the all of the temperature and parameters within the GC Methods. The Control Module conveniently sits on top of the GC, or on the bench next to it.  Flexible interface cables connect both FCO1 and FCO2 to the Control Module. Web interface software connecting through a standard IP address is used for accessing, monitoring, and controlling any 2 Standard, Extended Range, or Classic FCO´s. Saving Methods, changing temperatures, or device parameters are made through the Editor pages. The Status page actively displays all current Method parameters. The Control Module runs Methods independently, whether or not, there is a computer connection  for monitoring and changing parameters. Protecting the FCO´s from running away and damaging a column.

FCO´s only operate once connected to the Control Module. Installing the FCO is simple in most GC or GC/MS systems.

Control Module

Control Module for large and Small FCO Systems

  • Dimensions (24 x 20 x 7 cm)
  • Control for 1 or 2 FCO´s (Mix and Match: Standard, Extended Run, & Classic)
  • Universal 80-264 VAC (50 or 60 Hz) Input Voltage
  • 800 Watts Total Power Supply
  • Switching Valve Control with Timer for 2D applications
  • Carrier Bypass Valve Control with Timer for 2D applications
  • LED´s show a visual status of all Parameters
  • Ready Output Signal to connect with GC
  • Remote Start Input Signal from the GC to Start a Temperature Ramp
  • Remote Stop Input Signal from the GC to Stop a Temperature Ramp
  • Ethernet Connector
  • Internal USB Connector for service functions
  • No Computer Required during Operation

Control Software

  • Integrated and easy to learn Web Application
  • Automatic or Fixed IP Address for computer connection
  • Set and Monitor all Times & Temperatures for the FCO´s
  • Methods Saved Internally for safety and security
  • Computer can be disconnected during Analyses and the method will run normally

For more information: CMFS Brochure





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