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FCO Overview

FCO Technology is amazinglyextremelyincrediblyremarkablywonderfullyexceptionallyunusually powerful and efficient.


  • No Heating and Cooling Cycle
  • No Waiting between Samples
  • Perfect Retention Times
  • The Fastest FCO Available!

FCO-Extended Run

  • Can also operate as a FCO-Standard
  • Sub-ambient Analyses from 20C
  • Multi-ramp Temperature Program
  • Easily Ramp at 50C to 300C
  • Very stable Retention Times!


  • FCO Technology + Temperature Program
  • Sub-ambient Analyses from 20C
  • Multi-ramp Temperature Program
  • Easily Ramp at 50C to 300C
  • Very stable Retention Times!

Your Applications

Up to 10x Faster than Conventional Ovens

Imagine analyses in a fraction of the time!

Works with almost any GC or GCMS

Compatible with YOUR Injector, Detector, Software and Hardware!

BTEX Analysis in 60 seconds

Organochlorine Pesticides

Cannabis Testing

Organophosphorus Pesticides

Fast Chromatography designed with YOU in mind...

Compatible with:

YOUR favorite Packed, Micro-packed, or Capillary Column. There are no changes to YOUR Carrier Gas, Injector, Auto-sampler, or Detectors!

Analyses up to 10x faster without changing YOUR existing hardware and software!

Install 1 FCO to Super-charge YOUR GC!

Installing 2 FCO´s can make YOUR GC a dual oven GC!

Mix and match 2 of the 3 FCO Models for more Analytical flexibility!

Standard-FCO System –  $3595

Extended Range-FCO System –  $3995

Classic-FCO System –  $3995

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GC Ovens at Analytic 2018 show in Hall A3 Booth 116A

GC Ovens was at Analytic 2018 show in Hall A3 Booth 116A

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